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The git remote set-url command takes two arguments: An existing remote name. For example, origin or upstream are two common choices. A new URL for the remote. You can change the name that is associated with your Git commits using the git config command. The new name you set will be visible in any future commits you push to GitHub from the command line. If you'd like to keep your real name private, you can use any text as your Git username.

24/08/2019 · We recently hardened Git for Windows by ignoring `C:\ProgramData\Git\config` files unless they are owned by the system account, by the administrators group, or by the account under which Git. 17/06/2010 · But set-url will complain if you mistype the command part "git remote set-url --push", whereas git config will silently accept mistyped options, but fail to actually set the remote's url. Additionally, it is possible that set-url with, in the future, do some sanity checking on the value entered, whereas config will never do that. If you want only the remote URL, or if your are not connected to a network that can reach the remote repo: git config --get remote.origin.url If you require full output and you are on a network that can reach the remote repo where the origin resides. Gitの設定ファイルは3種類ある。system, global, localの順に読み込まれて上書きされる。なお、以下で説明するgit configコマンドでそれぞれの設定ファイルの確認・編集が可能なので、特にファイルの置き場所を気にする必要はない。設定に対する確認や変更など.

19/02/2016 · If config values are queried using 'git config' e.g. via --get, --get-all, --get-regexp, or --list flag then it is sometimes hard to find the configuration file where the values were defined. Teach 'git config' the '--show-origin' option to print the source configuration file for every printed. 23/03/2015 · Does PM2 need to have access to a git config to run correctly? npm WARN addRemoteGit Error: Command failed: git config --get remote.origin.url ubuntu@ip-xxx-xxx-xxx:~$ npm i pm2 -g npm ERR! git config --get remote.origin.url npm WARN add. git remote add origin-push $git config remote.origin.url git fetch origin-push. Now when the background process runs git fetch origin the references on origin-push won’t be updated, and thus commands like: git push --force-with-lease origin-push. Will fail unless you manually run git fetch origin.

git push origin masterのように常に何をどこにpush. $ git config --global status $ git config --global alias.df diff $ git config --global commit $ git config --globalbranch $ git config --global push $ git config --global pull $ git config --global checkout. Cool Tip: Show Git branch name in the command prompt! Read more → Warning: Your Git credentials will be saved in a plaintext format in the files.git/config or ~/.git-credentials, depending on the method you choose. Set Username and Password in Remote URL. 如果你想检查你的设置,你可以使用 git config --list 命令来列出 Git可以在该处找到的所有的设置: $ git config --list. 你也可以查看 Git认为的一个特定的关键字目前的值,使用如下命令 git config key: $ git config 2.4 获取帮助Getting help.

设置记住密码(默认15分钟): git config --global credential.helper cache 如果想自己设置时间,可以这样做: git config credential.helper 'cache --timeout=3600'. $ git remote rm origin $ git remote add origin git@:aplikacjainfo/proj1.git $ git config master.remote origin $ git config master.merge refs/heads/master. After this change you can push your commits to new repository location origin is selected as default remote branch for master, it's configured in.git/config: $ git push. That's all. Utilizzando git pull utilizzato per estrarre dal repository remoto come previsto, ora, è che mi chiede di utilizzare git pull origin master. Io non capisco le istruzioni che dà a me, dicendo: posso aggiungere qualcosa al mio file di configurazione. 「git config」コマンドを使用すれば、Gitの設定を変更することができます。 Gitの設定内容を変更したい git configの使い方を詳しく知りたい といった方に向けて、この記事では「git config」コマンドでGitの設定内容を変更する方法について解説していきます。. Thank you. This was helpful for me as well. I was able to change my remote and then I was able to push from local master to remote branch with git push origin master:remotebranchthatisntmaster after that I was able to git checkout remotebranchthatisntmaster and I can proceed with making additional changes and committing to the correct location.

首先要明确一点,对 git 的操作是围绕 3 个大的步骤来展开的(其实几乎所有的 SCM 都是这样) 1. 从 git 取数据( git clone). You can make the config changes recommended by the error message from teh command line with. git config branch..remote git config. A quick introduction about Git upstream tracking: set upstream with git-push or git-branch, the internal mechanism inside Git config.git/config, unset upstream, and related implementation in Java JGit. git config --global fault matching OR git config --global fault simple;可以使用git config -l 查看配置 (2) git push --all origin 当遇到这种情况就是不管是否存在对应的远程分支,将本地的所有分支都推送到远程主机,这时需要 -all 选项 (3) git push --force origin git push 的. git-ssh 配置和使用 1、设置Git的user name和email:如果是第一次的话 $ git config --global "humingx" $ git config --global "humingx@".

// origin にあるのすべてのブランチを取得する git fetch origin. 実際の動作は、.git/config の設定値によるのですが、通常「git remote add <レポジトリ> 」などの実行により、リモートが設定されれば、自動的にconfig に下記の値が書き込まれます。. Start using Git on the command line. While GitLab has a powerful user interface, if you want to use Git itself, you will have to do so from the command line. If you want to start using Git and GitLab together, make sure that you have created and/or signed into an account on GitLab. Open a shell. 当你运行: git push origin. 在remote.origin.fault中设置的内容.更一般地说,如果没有设置这里name是origin,fault,然后如果没有设置,它会回落到你的链接中描述的内置默认值. 17/12/2014 · More than 5 years have passed since last update. origin: レポジトリの場所URLの別名 master: ブランチの名前 つまり、"git pull origin master" は、originという名前のレポジトリのマスターブランチから、git pull しろと命令している。 remote.origin.

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