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Lyre - Traduzione in italiano - esempi inglese Reverso.

Lyra Kanji リラ Rōmaji Rira Alias The Lyre 琴座 Koto za Characteristics Race Celestial Spirit Gender Female Hair Color Strawberry Blonde Eye Color Black Professional Status Key Type Silver Owner Lucy Heartfilia Days Wednesday of the Second Week of the Month Thursday and Friday of the Third Week of. 09/08/2017 · Featured above is a 4-frame mosaic showing the constellation of Lyra the Lyre. Lyra is nearly overhead at midnight during midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere. The brilliant bright, blue-white star at upper right is Vega the Harp Star, the fifth brightest star in. The creation of the Lyra constellation is closely related to this mythological tale. This constellation is represented by the celestial lyre that was given to Orpheus by Apollo as a gift. In some old maps, this constellation is shown as an eagle carrying a lyre. Lyre, stringed musical instrument having a yoke, or two arms and a crossbar, projecting out from and level with the body. The strings run from a tailpiece on the bottom or front of the instrument to the crossbar. Most lyres are plucked, but a few are bowed. Box lyres are instruments having a. Benefit from a global offerfor all your sales channels locally and internationally. Lyra is an Online payment & Pos service expert.

The name Lyra is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "lyre". Lyra is a constellation name taken from the lyre of Orpheus. It contains the star Vega and thus could make a melodic choice for a parent interested in music, astronomy, or mythology. Bezoek de officiële website van K. Lyra-Lierse voor het laatste nieuws, klassement, de kalender en de samenstelling van onze a-ploeg.

LYRA-8 is based on eight generators, which will be referred to as voices. Their design is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependency on control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. The fourth in a new series of ‘online lyre lessons’, focusing on learning how to play some basic melodies on your ancient lyre. Today, there are some 60 ancient melodies that survives in fragments, upon which a modern musician can improvise and imagine how they could sound in total.

Lyra continues onward and finally meets Mr. Pokémon and completes the errand. While there she meets Professor Oak who, upon realizing Lyra's bond with her new Pokémon, gives her a Pokédex. On her way back home, Lyra again meets Silver, who has stolen one of Elm's remaining Pokémon. 18/08/2019 · Constellations come in many sizes, shapes and flavors in our celestial dome. One of the smaller ones is Lyra the Lyre. In case you’re not into ancient musical instruments, a lyre is a small “U”-shaped harp that was played and enjoyed mostly in ancient Greece, but has since fallen out of favor.

lyre n. harp-like instrument, c. 1200, from Old French lire "lyre" 12c., from Latin lyra, from Greek lyra, a foreign loan-word of uncertain origin. The thing itself is said to be Egyptian, though it became the national musical instrument of ancient Greece. Lyra The Lyre. Lyra represents the lyre played by Orpheus, musician of the Argonauts and son of Apollo and the muse Calliope. Apollo gave his son the lyre as a gift, and Orpheus played it so well that even the wild beasts, the rocks, and the trees were charmed by his music. Define lyre. lyre synonyms, lyre pronunciation, lyre translation, English dictionary definition of lyre. a stringed musical instrument Not to be confused with: liar – a person who does not tell the truth; falsifier,. [C13: via Old French from Latin lyra, from Greek lura].

Lyra represents the lyre, an ancient stringed musical instrument. Lyra has titles identifying it with a variety of stringed instruments and some of these names might be due to a lack of knowledge of what a lyre was. That there was a difference between the lyre and the cithara is certain. The constellation Lyra, the lyre, is best seen in June through October in the northern hemisphere. It is visible between latitudes 90 degrees and -40 degrees. It is a small constellation, covering an area of 286 degrees of the sky. It ranks 52nd in size among the 88 constellations in the night sky. Lyra is a constellation and is Latin for the lyre, a stringed musical instrument. Lyra and Isaac the Freezer a character exclusive to the 2009 anime share a similar Transmutation Circle. They might have the same ability of freezing, with Isaac freezing water and Lyra chilling the air around her. The enchanted lyre is acquired in The Fremennik Trials quest. It is used in the quest to perform in the longhall to get Olaf the Bard's vote for the player to become a Fremennik. The lyre can be made by using an axe to cut a branch from the swaying tree east of Rellekka, and then using a knife on the branch to obtain an unstrung lyre, then. 07/09/2011 · Did you know there is an upside down lyre hanging low in the northern sky each evening after dusk? This is the best time of the year to see the famous northern constellation of Lyra the Lyre from the southern hemisphere as it is at its highest though still low in the northern sky in the early.

For instance, Lyra represents the lyre harp played by Orpheus, the musician of the Argonauts. It was known to the Romans as Vultur cadens, which means a 'falling vulture.' Lyra is one of the 48 constellations that was cataloged by Ptolemy in the second century. Lyra synonyms, Lyra pronunciation, Lyra translation, English dictionary definition of Lyra. n. A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Cygnus and Hercules and containing Vega. n, Latin genitive Lyrae a small constellation in the N. [Latin, from lyra, lyre; see lyre.]. Lyra’s mission is to create long lasting products that combine original thinking, advanced engineering, and ideal materials application. Lyra’s cartridges are built 100% from the ground up in Japan, with the artisanal craftsmanship that Japan is revered for. One story associates this constellation with Arion's lyre, but most speak of the lyre of Orpheus, a son of the god Apollo and Calliope, one of the muses. He married Eurydice, a nymph who died early in the marriage when bitten by a snake. Orpheus refused all consolation and journeyed to the underworld, armed only with his lyre. Lyra represents his lyre, made by the god Hermes. Orpheus' lyre produced such beautiful music that it brought inanimate objects to life and charmed the legendary sirens. Orpheus married Eurydice, but she was killed by a snakebite, and Orpheus had to follow her to the underworld to get her back.

Lyra definition is - a northern constellation representing the lyre of Orpheus or Mercury and containing Vega. 27/07/2011 · 321.2: Instruments in which the string is attached to a yoke that consists of a cross-bar and two arms, with the yoke lying in the same plane as the sound-table Category:Lyre family instruments or.

Lyra – the lyre. March 12, 2017. Astronomy. High in the summer sky you’ll find Lyra, the lyre, which is a small harp-like musical instrument. On some old-timey maps it is depicted as a eagle, or sometimes a vulture, with a small lyre in its mouth. Clearly this one was designed by an astronomy club committee. Lyre definition, a musical instrument of ancient Greece consisting of a soundbox made typically from a turtle shell, with two curved arms connected by a yoke from which strings are stretched to the body, used especially to accompany singing and recitation. See more. Lyra Nashville 935 W. Eastland Ave Nashville TN.

  1. Traduzioni in contesto per "The lyre" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: First, we find the lyre.
  2. Next, with the rising of the Lyre, there floats forth from Ocean the shape of the tortoise shell, which under the fingers of its heir gave forth sound only after death; once with it did Orpheus impart sleep to waves, feeling to rocks, hearing to trees, waves to Pluto, and finally a limit to death.
  3. Traduzioni in contesto per "Lyre" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Nero's Lyre from the Great Fire of Rome. Questa è una lira di legno fatta ad Udevalla, in Svezia. My poet, take thy lyre. Mio poeta, prendi la lira. Women with grapes and a lyre. Donne con uva e una lira.

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