saturday, april 04, 2009
Morning Run

This morning before work I was on a long run in the Boise foothills. The moon was half full, but still cast the hills in a cool blue.  Although I run this route nearly weekly, the lunar light threw everything out of reference, making what was old new again.  That, and we’ve had an inversion for the last month, cloaking everything under 4000’. In my first hour I ran under a heard of elk standing 50’ up the hill from me.  I didn’t have my headlamp on, so they likely couldn’t make me out on the trail below them.  But the moon highlighted their silhouettes against the inky sky.  Then I thought to myself "Cripes!  I owe Zina a story!" This isn’t it.  But I’ll get on it this week.


04/09/2009 - libby doyle

Steve, My mom and I just read your trip to the Sawtooths. Very interesting. We felt like we were there in the beautiful mountains too! We also enjoyed viewing your new website. Your illustrations are fantastic! Wishing you continued success on your website and your mountain adventures! Love, Libby and Esther

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